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Main Page for Kino Heritage Society; Contact Information; Cause for Sainthood; Kino's Prayers


Introduced European domestic animals and crops including Kino Wheat. Trained O'odham in farming and ranching. Arizona's First Cattle King See pages Kino Wheat and Horseman


Includes Map of Kino Missions and drawings of Cocospera and Magdalena

Best Book Download

Main Page for online Kino Book. Download in different e-book formats the Kino Book "Padre Kino and the Trail of the Pacific with line drawings, book guide, maps and chronology. Chapters in text format and orginal format in pdf

Biography - Best Concise

Highly recommended. Kino Biography written in journalistic style with maps (27 pages) with ethnohistorical and environmental approaches.

Biography - English

Short Kino Biography by Charles W. Polzer (21 text pages) "Eusebio Francisco Kino, S.J. - Pioneer Padre of the Pimería Alta." Also presented in Spanish and Italian.

Biography - Italian

Short Biography by Charles W. Polzer in Italian

Biography - Spanish

Short Biography by Charles W. Polzer in Spanish

C0.0 Best E-Book

Kino Book. Read online chapters of "Padre Kino and Trail to the Pacific" Text Format

C0.0 E-Reader:

E-Reader Formats for the E-Book "Padre Kino and The Trail to the Pacific" to download to digital library devices.

C0.1 Table of Contents

Kino Book: Table of Contents with Map Links Added in Chapters

C0.2 Cast of Characters

Kino Book: Cast of Characters

C01 California Mission

Kino Book: Chapter 1 California Mission 1685

C02 Indians Not Slaves

Kino Book: Chapter 2 Indians Shall Not Be Slaves! 1685

C03 Among the Pimas

Kino Book: Chapter 3 Among the Pimas 1687

C04 Young Lieutenant

Kino Book: Chapter 4 The Young Lieutenant 1694

C05 Blood of a Martyr

Kino Book: Chapter 5 The Blood of a Martyr 1694

C06 Vengeance

Kino Book: Chapter 6 Vengeance! 1695

C07 Children Ask Bread

Kino Book: Chapter 7 The Children Asked for Bread 1695

C08 Error in the Map

Kino Book: Chapter 8 An Error in the Map 1698

C09 Devil's Highway

Kino Book: Chapter 9 The Devil's Highway 1699

C10 Visit from Salvatierra

Kino Book: Chapter 10 Visit from Salvatierra 1701

C11 Plan for New Spain

Kino Book: Chapter 11 Plan for New Spain 1705

C12 Manje Writes Report

Kino Book: Chapter 12 General Manje Writes a Report 1705

C13 Chapel of St. Francis

Kino Book: Chapter 13 The Chapel of St. Francis Xavier 1711

C14 Author's Note

Kino Book: Author's Note

C15 Book Index

Kino Book: Book Index

C16 Summary

Kino Book: Summary from Inside Cover

C17 Guide Date & Maps

Kinol Book Guide: Chronology & Maps

C18 Guide Maps

Book Guide: Maps (only) (2 pages)

C19 Author Bio

Kino Book: Author's Biography

California Builder

Kino's successful advocacy for the Jesuit return to California and Kino's co-founding the Pious Fund of the Californias

California Pioneer

Kino's begins his 30 years on the frontier in Baja California as part of the 3 year Atondo-Kino Expedition.

Caminos de Kino

For almost 30 years the horseback riders of Por Los Caminos de Kino have made annual cabalgatas retracing the trails of Kino's journeys of exploration,

Caminos Kino Maps 1

Nazereno, San Xavier, Camino del Diablo, Bacerac, Across Baja, Guaymus, San Francisco California and Desemboque

Caminos Kino Maps 2

Bacadéhuachi, Huépac, Colorado River, El Fuerte, Rebeico, Cocóspera, Mátape, Huásabas, Vatican and Segno.

Caminos Kino Maps 3

Caborca, Hermosillo, San Pedro River, Gulf of California, U.S - Mexico Border, Tumacácori, Magdalena de Kino

Canonization Prayer

Kino Sainthood Prayer in English and Spanish


Kino's World Famous Maps


Padre Kino Chronology, Eusebio Kino Timeline, Father Eusebio Kino Timeline

Contact Us

Kino Heritage Society contact information

Explore Baja & Gulf

Chronology, Routes and Maps (1683 - 1685))

Explore Colorado River

Chronology, Routes and Maps (1698 - 1702). Page "Explore Arizona and Sonora" includes information from this page but in different format.

Explore Pinacate & Gran Desierto

Kino's 3 explorations in today's El Pinacate y Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve.

Explore Sonora & Arizona

Chronology, Routes and Maps (1687 - 1711)


Main Explorer page. See other Explorer sub pages: Sonora & Arizona; Baja California & Gulf; and Colorado River & Delta

Grave 1 Burial Site

Kino Grave Discovery (3 pages): "Grave - Burial Site" at Page 1. See also "Grave - Chapel" at Page 2 and "Grave - Olvera Account" at Page 3.

Grave 2 Chapel

Kino Grave Discovery (3 pages): "Grave - Chapel" at Page 2. See also "Grave - Burial Site" at Page 1 and "Grave - Olvera Account" at Page 3.

Grave 3 Olvera Account

Kino Grave Discovery (3 pages): "Grave - Olvera Account" at Page 3. See also "Grave - Burial Site" at Page 1 and "Grave - Chapel" at Page 2.


Kino chronicles his times. Kino writings: "Favores Celestiales" (Kino Historical Memoir); "Kino's Biography of Father Saeta"


Home Page


The Barb Horse - Kino as Endurance Rider and First Breeder of Horses


Index to Web Site Pages


Page under construction


Jesuit's Today; Jesuit Scientists: Kino Formation Stages

Jesuits on the Pacific Slope

Bolton's General Sketch of Padre Kino's life and times

Kino Books Cross Reference

Topical Table that has cross page references to key subjects in four important Kino books..

Kino Legacy

Legacy Main Page with sub pages: Kino Border Initiative; O'odham People; San Xavier Mission; Testimonials; Pilgrimage; Grave & Chapel Discovery; U.S Statue; Past Organizations, Music & Songs; Wheat; and Kino Book online

Kino Life

Main Page for Kino life story with sub pages: Missionary, Explorer, Scientist, Cartographer, Agriculturist and Rancher, Horseman, Architect and Jesuit priest

Kino Pilgrimage

Pilgrimage sites on the Camino de Kino: Kino's grave in Magdalena and Mission San Xavier del Bac.

Kino Vocation Prayer

Kino's prayer for evangelical workers.

Kino Wheat

Annual Kino Wheat Celebration - Plant Kino Wheat - November, December & January. Harvest and Share - May

Life Chapters

Life Chapters: 2 page outline with key events in Kino's life with 3 corresponding summary maps


Other Online Links to Kino Websites


Kino's missionary practices of respect, patience and tolerance are set forth in Kino's "Biography of Father Francisco Javier Saeta." As a missionary Kino fullfills his role as priest, protector of Native People, doctor and pharmacist. The Missionary Guadalupano & Kino's Devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe


Monuments and statues in honor of Eusebio Francisco Kino

National Parks & Protected Areas

Kino traveled across and sailed by many national parks in the U.S. and Mexico and state parks in Arizona and Sonora. References are made to the protected areas that are featured on the natural history and travel series "The Desert Speaks."

New Vision Articles

Series of articles by Kino writers including Dr. Bunny Fontana & Dr. Big Jim Griffith


Recent Kino News

Novena of Grace

Novena to St. Francis Xavier: March 3rd - March 11th; November 25th - December 3rd

O'odham People

The Valiant Desert Sharing People of the Sonoran Desert

Oración Canonización

Prayer for Kino Sainthood in Spanish

Past Organizations

Kino Memorial Association; Memorial U.S. Statue Committee; U.S. Statue Dedication Committee


Prayer for Canonization; Father Kino's Prayers; St. Francis Novena of Grace; Litany of Loretto - Laurentian Litanies

Preface Memoirs

Bolton's Specific Description of Padre Kino life including his 2 years in Baja Californiai


Main Page for Resources: Links to Kino's wrtings and books about Kino that are online; Topical Cross Reference Guide;

Sainthood Cause

Cause for Canonization; Servant of God

San Cayetano de Tumacácori

Kino named Tumacacori de San Cayentano after St. Cajetan, the patron of wheat and bread giving.

San Xavier Mission

Virtual Mission Tour, Kino's Founding of the Mission and Blue Shell Conference

San Xavier Mission Statuary

Download and Print 1 page Statuary Guide of Mission San Xavier del Bac


Astronomer, Oceanographer, Geologist and Volcanologist. Also links to pages: Doctor & Pharmacist, Agriculturist and Cartographer.


Use Search Function to find website information

Sor Juana Poem

Poem in Spanish with English translation. Commentaries by Octavio Paz & Jorge Olvera


Kino Heritage Store - Books, Statues and Other Gifts


Quotes about Padre Kino including Sor Juana's poem

Tumacacori Nat'l Park

Kino's Mission San Cayetano de Tumacacori

U.S. Statue Dedication

Main Page for Arizona Statue Dedicated in U.S. Capitol

US Acceptance

Statue Dedication: Senator Carl Hayden, President Pro Tempore of Senate

US Dedication

Statue Dedication: Father Ernest J. Burrus, S.J., Jesuit Historian

US Invocation

Statue Dedication: Francis J. Green, Bishop of the Diocese of Tucson

US Presentation

Statue Dedication: Hon. Samuel P. Goddard, Governor of Arizona

US Remarks

Statue Dedication:Hon. Stewart Udall, Secretary of the Department of the Interior

US Sculptor

Statue Dedication: Sculptor Susanne Baroness Silver-Cruys

Videos & Multimedia

Kino Multimedia: videos, music, film clips

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