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1. Book: "Padre Kino: The Trail to the Pacific
Cick Trail Book

2. Summary: Kino Chapter from "Not Counting'The Cost"
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3. Summary: "ABCD and E Kino Life Chapters and Historical Atlas"
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4. Website: "El Padre de Sonora" in Spanish with expedition maps
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Online in English and Spanish

"Favores Celestiales"

"Kino's Historical Memoirs"


"Kino's Historical Memoir of the Pimeria Alta:
Contemporary Account of the Beginnings of California, Sonora, and Arizona."
by Eusebio Francisco Kino, S.J."
ranslated by Dr, Herbert E. Bolton with preface and notes.

In English in two volumes

Volume 1

Volume 2 

In 1919 Dr. Herbert E Bolton translated Kino a series of reports made to his superiors.Commonly known as "Favores Celestiales" or "Kino's Historcial Memoirs," the book is a collection of Kino's writings and his correspondence with the history of his missionary efforts in Baja Calfornia and the Pimeria Alta and his vision for the future.

In Spansih in one volume
"Favores Celestiales"
por Eusebio Francisco Kino

The Spanish edition is in one volume with edited with preface and notes by Francisco Fernández del Castillo and Emil Böse. Commonly known as  "Relación diaria de la entrada al noroeste" o "Las Misiones de Sonora y Arizona"

Entire Book

Online in Spanish

"Vida del P. Francisco J. Saeta, S.J.

 Sangre Misionera En Sonora"

"Kino Biography's of Father Saeta, S.J."

In English
"Kino Biography's of Father Saeta, S.J" 1971
by Eusebio Francisco Kino, S.J. 1696
Original Spanish text editied by Dr. Ernest J. Burrus, S.J. with introduction and notes
Epilogue by Charles W. Polzer, S.J 

In Spanish
"Vida del P. Francisco J. Saeta, S.J. - Sangre Misionera En Sonora". 1961
by Eusebio Francisco Kino, S.J 1696
Spanish text by Dr. Ernest J. Burrus, S.J with introduction in Spanish and English.  

For 1961 Book in Spanish with Introduction in Spanish and English:
Digitzed by Princeton Theological Seminary Library 


For 1971 Book in both English and Spanish
Available soon online

For background information from this website
Kino Missionary 

Online in Spanish

Kino's Original Facsimile Copy of

"Exposición Astronómica del Cometa"

"The Astronomical Exposition of The Comet"

For facsimile copy of Kino's original  "Exposición Astronómica del Cometa"


Then to view click "html" button in lower left at the bottom of the screen with "leer obra" underneath button. 

Kino's 1681 astronomical treatise is provided in its entirety by the online Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes in Alicante.

For background information from this website

Online in English and Spanish

"Rim of Christendom   -  A Biography of Eusebio Francisco Kino"

Definitive Kino Biography

Book's Three Maps in Back Pocket
Available soon 


In English
"Rim of Christendom   -  A Biography of Eusebio Francisco Kino: Pacific Coast Pioneer"
by Dr Herbert Eugene Bolton


Then click "View Sample" button in upper left of screen to view about one-half of the book.

Pages displayed courtesy of the University of Arizona Press

Displayed parts of the book include the 1981 Introduction by John L. Kessell, Table of Contents and Index

For New Expanded Table of Contents with Chapter Sections

For pdf format
Click Rim Expanded Contents pdf
For text format
Click Rim Expanded Contents txt 

The new table of contents has the chapters sections that are not listed in the original table of contents of the book.
Also its contains list of pages that are shown and pages in the Google preview and the pages not shown.


In Spanish 

"Los confines de la cristiandad: una biografía de Eusebio Francisco Kino, misionero y explorador de Baja California y la Pimería Alta"
Felipe Garrido - Translator

Dr. Gabriel Gòmez Padilla - book's editor and author of prolouge and bilbliography.

For Spanish:

Then click "View Sample" button in upper left of screen to view almost complete book.

Online in English

"With Padre Kino On The Trail"

Definitive Kino Biography

In English
"With Padre Kino On The Trail"
by Dr Frank C. Lockwood

University of Arizona
Social Sciences Bulletin No.5
Volume V Number 2
February 15, 1934 


For Expanded Table of Content with subheadings and images,
Trail Contents & Images

Entire 145 page biography is online in pdf format.
Contains translations of Kino's letters written in Central Europe with very good map at end of book

Book is courtesy of the Special Collections Library- University of Arizona 

Online in English

"The Padre on Horseback

A Sketch of Eusebio Francisco Kino, S.J.

Apostle to the Pimas"

In English

"The Padre on Horseback
A Sketch of Eusebio Francisco Kino, S.J., Apostle to the Pimas"
by Dr Herbert Eugene Bolton

Entire book is online.


Online in English

"Padre Kino and The Trail to the Pacific"

Most Accessible Biography

In Accurate Historical Fiction Genre

In English
"Padre Kino and the Trail to the Pacific"
by Jacqueline (Jack) Steffan

"Padre Kino and the Trail to the Pacific" 


Most accessible biography about Kino written in historical fiction genre that is historically accurate and engaging. For free this book be read online or downloaded in several different formats for e-book readers.  

Website Link To Kino Play

"The Bell and the Plow"

Kermit Hunter

For script and notes of "Bell and Plow"
Click Kino Play

The play "The Bell and the Plow" about Father Kino premiered in the 2,500-seat University of Arizona auditorium in Tucson, Arizona on April 28, 1954 - the 254th anniversary date of the Blue Shell Conference called by Kino in 1700 at Mission San Xavier del Bac. The play was written by Kermit Hunter and was commissioned as part of the 3 month long Tohono Festival sponsored by the Tucson Festival Society. The play was part of the epic drama genre that featured plays about a region's history and were intended to be performed at a region's yearly held festival. 

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