Past Organizations
Honoring Padre Kino

Kino Memorial Association


In 1927 University of Arizona Dean Frank Lockwood formed with others The Kino Memorial Association to place a statue of Father Kino either in Tucson or at Mission San Xavier del Bac.

In 1936 a bas relief of Father Kino by noted designer and sculptor Mahonri Young was unveiled in a park that is immediately north of the present City Hall of the City of Tucson.

Dr. Herbert Bolton spoke at the Kino Celebration held by the Association at Tucson in March 1932. Dr. Bolton's speech was published in his booklet "The Padre on Horseback" that was published before 4 years before his definitive biography of Padre Kino titled "The Rim of Christendom." 


Frank Lockwood, President

Edith O. Kittt, Secretary

Mose Drachman, Treasurer

 The Kino Memorial Statute Committee


In Spring 1962 Arizona's Governor appointed the Kino Memorial Statue Committee to undertake a fund raising program through public subscription to select a sculptor and to commission the Kino statue for the National Statuary Hall in the United States Capitol Building


Walter Fathauer, Chairman

George Babbitt

Frank C. Brophy

Dr. John A. Carroll

Dr. Edward B. Danson

Mrs. Jean Devere

J.C. Dolan

Bert Fireman

Mrs. Byron Ivancovich

Robert Lenon

Clay Lockett

Miss May Mahoney

Rev. Edwin J. Mcdermott, S.J.

Mrs. John W. Murphy

Stephen Ochoa

Mrs. Timothy Parkman

Rev. Norman Whalen

Louis J. Felix

William Raugh

 The Kino Statue Dedication Committee



After the Kino statue was completed, the Arizona Governor appointed the Kino Statue Dedication Committee to execute the unveiling of the Kino Statue created by sculptor Baroness Susanne Silvercruys and to present the statue at the acceptance ceremony at the National Statuary Hall in Washington, D.C. To view the Dedication Book, click US Capitol Statue



James M. Murphy, Chairman

Fred T. Boice

Donald H. Bufkin

Evo J. De Concini

Louis Escalada

Calvin W. Evans

Dr. Russell C. Ewing

Walter Fathauer

Frank X. Gordon

Mrs. Rosemarie S. Gwynn

Dr. Paul G. Hubbard

Mrs. Thayer Painter

Miss Patricia P. Paylore

Donald E. Phillips

Mrs. Maude Porter

Robert W. Prochnow

Paul M. Roca

Dr. Edward Spicer

John U. Vinson

Hon. James A. Walsh

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