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Successive Jesuit Father Visitors for Sonora in New Spain
            Padre González
            Padre Polici
            Padre Picolo
            Padre Salvatierra, missionary who visited Kino in Sonora, went to California,
                                          finally became provincial in Mexico City
Other Jesuit Fathers:
            Padre Campos, missionary at San Ignacio
            Padre Saeta, missionary at Caborca
            Padre Minutuli, missionary at Tubutama
            Padre Velarde, assistant to Kino at Dolores
            Padre Eusebio Francisco Kino, explorer and map maker,
                                                               founder of missions in California and Sonora

Spanish Army Officers:
            General Jironza, commandant at San Juan
            Lieutenant Juan Manje, his nephew and close friend of Padre Kino
            Lieutenant Antonio Solís, commanding officer of the Flying Column
            Captain Carrasco, military observer of one of Kino's expeditions

            Chief Ibo, California tribe
            Hulo, his son
            Chief Coxi, first captain general at Mission Dolores (Pima)
            Francisco, interpreter (Pima-Spanish)
            Chief Soba, from the region near Caborca (Pima)
            Chief Felipe, from region near Magdalena (Pima)
            Marcos, son of another captain general at Mission Dolores (Pima)
            Chief Coro, of Quíburi (tribe related to Pimas)
            Chief Duck Tail, of Cocóspora (Pima)
            Chief Human, of Ojío, neighbor to Coro (tribe related to Pimas)

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