Author's Note

            I should like to express here my deep gratitude to the people who helped so much in the preparation of this book.
            Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Farrington, of Tucson, Arizona, gave me my first glimpse of the beautiful mission church of San Xavier, founded by Padre Kino in 1700.
            Mother M. Sessions, librarian at Stone Ridge, Country Day School of the Sacred Heart in Bethesda, Maryland, introduced me to Herbert Bolton's definitive works on Padre Kino and graciously allowed me to consult them whenever I wished.
            Mother Sessions also directed me to the Academy of American Franciscan History, of Washington, D. C., where Reverend Finbar Kenneally, O.F.M., Ed.D., from the first gave his enthusiastic encouragement and was always willing to share his wide knowledge of the missionary period and the geographical area in which Kino worked. Reverend Matthias Kiemen, O.F.M., Ph.D., also of the Academy, gave generously of his time in clearing up some knotty problems concerning the relationship between the missionary fathers and the laity of Kino's day.
            The staff at the library of the Pan American Union, Washington, D. C., gave courteous and invaluable aid in the selection of the many books made available to me from their fine historical collection. Miss Barbara Nolen, of the staff of George Washington |182| University, Washington, did much initial careful editing, and this was ably concluded by Miss Julie Kernan, of P. J. Kenedy and Sons, who had furnished the initial inspiration for the book.
            And finally, Miss Pauline M. Papieck gave much needed and skillful help in the typing of the manuscript. To each and every one of them, my most grateful thanks.

            The Author
            Washington, D. C.
            March 4, 1960

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