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C0.0 E-Reader:

E-Reader Formats for the E-Book "Padre Kino and The Trail to the Pacific" to download to digital library devices.

C0.1 Table of Contents

Kino Book: Table of Contents with Map Links Added in Chapters

C0.2 Cast of Characters

Kino Book: Cast of Characters

C01 California Mission

Kino Book: Chapter 1 California Mission 1685

C02 Indians Not Slaves

Kino Book: Chapter 2 Indians Shall Not Be Slaves! 1685

C03 Among the Pimas

Kino Book: Chapter 3 Among the Pimas 1687

C04 Young Lieutenant

Kino Book: Chapter 4 The Young Lieutenant 1694

C05 Blood of a Martyr

Kino Book: Chapter 5 The Blood of a Martyr 1694

C06 Vengeance

Kino Book: Chapter 6 Vengeance! 1695

C07 Children Ask Bread

Kino Book: Chapter 7 The Children Asked for Bread 1695

C08 Error in the Map

Kino Book: Chapter 8 An Error in the Map 1698

C09 Devil's Highway

Kino Book: Chapter 9 The Devil's Highway 1699

C10 Visit from Salvatierra

Kino Book: Chapter 10 Visit from Salvatierra 1701

C11 Plan for New Spain

Kino Book: Chapter 11 Plan for New Spain 1705

C12 Manje Writes Report

Kino Book: Chapter 12 General Manje Writes a Report 1705

C13 Chapel of St. Francis

Kino Book: Chapter 13 The Chapel of St. Francis Xavier 1711

C14 Author's Note

Kino Book: Author's Note

C15 Book Index

Kino Book: Book Index

C16 Summary

Kino Book: Summary from Inside Cover

C17 Guide Date & Maps

Kinol Book Guide: Chronology & Maps

C18 Guide Maps

Book Guide: Maps (only) (2 pages)

C19 Author Bio

Kino Book: Author's Biography

Best Book Download Page in PDF Format

On the Best Book Download Page the same features of the interactive Kino E-Book can be viewed in a static pdf format.  A copy of the Trail Book in its original format by chapters and other sections can be downloaded along with the The Book Guide: Chronology and  Maps and the Book Guide: Maps Only. The referenced maps are not in a pdf format.

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"El Camino de Padre Kino hacia el Pacifico"
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  Spanish Translation of
"Padre Kino and the Trail to the Pacific"

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