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Kino Mural Cosmovisin Kiniana

Best Kino Presentations

Best Kino Video

Zu Pferd Durch Die Wüste - Der Forscher und Missionar
Eusebio Kino S.J.
German narration with English subtitles

Through the Wilderness on Horseback - Scientist and Missionary
The Life of Eusebio Kino, S.J.

Loyola Productions Munich
Music: R. Carlos Nakai
German narration with English subtitles

This beautiful video presentation filmed in the Sonoran Desert tells the story of Kino's life from his birth in the Italian Alps to his last 30 years as a missionary in today's Baja California, Sinaloa, Sonora and Arizona. Kino's living legacy is presented in interviews with Kino's fellow contemporary Jesuits: ethnohistorian Charles Polzer, astrophysicist William Stroeger and planetary scientist Guy Consolmagno. Additional interviews are with ethnohistorian Dr. Thomas J. Sheridan and Bishop of Tucson Rev. Manuel D. Moreno. The art work of Southwestern artist Ettore "Ted" DeGrazia and the music of flutist R. Carlos Nakai are featured.

Minutes: 29:00

Best Kino Talk
Padre Eusebio Francisco Kino
Father Greg Adolf
San Pedro River Videos
Mike Foster
In English 

This is the best presentation on Padre Kino's lfie and work by a great authority on Padre Kino and the Spanish colonial era. The Father Greg Adolf's talk was part of the celebration of the 300th anniversary of Padre Kino's death. Father Greg is the pastor of Saint Andrew's Church in Sierra Vista, Arizona located in the San Pedro River Valley. Padre Kino traveled many times to the San Pedro to visit his friends the Sobaipuri-O'odham. The video was recorded on April 11th 2011 in Kino Hall and has been enhanced with video re-enacting scenes from Padre Kino's work along the San Pedro as well as many scenes filmed at actual locations of Padre Kino's missions and along his trails in Baja California and the Pimeria Alta  - today's states of Sonora and Arizona. Thank you Mike Foster of San Pedro River Videos for the production of Father Greg's presentation. Highly recommended.

Minutes: 52.0

Viewing notes: To begin video, click arrow on left side of of the control menu that hovers over the bottom of the video screen when the cursor is placed at the bottom of the video screen.  To increase sound level, click on the 5 bars on the right side of the control menu.  

Great Kino Artist
Video by Harry Atwood
KUAT TV Productions
University of Arizona

Minutes: 29 minutes

Video documentary about the work and life of artist Ettore "Ted" DeGrazia and his inspiration. Ted DeGrazia through his art in wide variety of styles and medium introduced to the world the land and people of the Sonoran Desert of the U.S. Southwest and Mexico. The video introduces him as ".. a native Arizonan, who much like Kino himself, knows and loves the desert of the Southwest and Indians who lived there."  

The video features DeGrazia's travels and discussion of his work about Kino and the indigenous people of the Sonoran Desert. DeGrazia visits the Magdalena Pilgrimage and Festival, the Yaqui Easter ceremonies and the O'odham (Papago) Rodeo. It also features DeGrazia work as a designer and builder of the DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun in Tucson. 

DeGrazia was inspired by the life of Padre Kino. Twenty oil paintings are on permanent display at DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun and DeGrazia's  Mission in the Sun Chapel, the community chapel on the Gallery grounds, is dedicated to Kino..

Harry Atwood, the videographer and editor, also created a beautiful fillm for KUAT-TV Productions about Kino's life and the beauty of the Sonoran Desert entitled "Paths in the Wilderness."  

Videos for Reflection

Misiones de Kino - Cabalgantes de los Por Los Camino
Por Los Caminos de Kino
Music only with images 

The video with its haunting horns from "A Child of God"  illustrates the Kino missions and chapels visited during many of the 28 annual cabalgatas by Por Los Caminos de Kino.

Cosmovisión Kiniana
Giovanni Martínez Castillo
Music only with images
Lyrics in English, subtitles in Spanish 

Iimages from the famous Kino mural by Artist Miguel Ángel Grijalva accompanied by the beautiful music of Ennio Morricone's "The Mission."

Minutes: 6:10

Buscamos un Santo
We Seek at Saint
Giovanni Martinez Castillo

Por Los Caminos de Kino
In Spanish
With Spanish and English subtitles
For Spanish text, click Buscamos. 

The text is based on Dr. Pablo Latapí's speech made at the dedication of a government research institute named in honor of Padre Kino in the 1960s. The video was made to commemorate the 300th anniversary year of the death of the Padre Kino. It is illustrated with paintings, murals, plaques, busts, monuments and sculptures of great artists. One video is subtitled in Spanish and the other in English. It is the anthem of the organization Por Los Caminos de Kino who have made cabalgatas (pilgrimages on horseback) each year for the past 28 years retracting the trails traveled by Kino.

Adaptación libre del famoso verso de Pablo Latapí a Eusebio Francisco Kino, ilustrado con pinturas, murales, placas, bustos, monumentos y esculturas de los grandes artístas para conmemorar el tricentenario del fallecimiento del padre a caballo.

Minutes: 4:38

With Spanish subtitles

With English subtitles

Eusebio Francisco Kino - Padre y Maestro De Sonora
Eusebio Francisco Kino - Sonora's Founding Father and Teacher
Speech by Gabriel Gómez Padilla
300th Anniversary Celebration of the Death of Padre Kino
March 8, 2011
Fundacíon Kino
In Spanish

Speech by Gabriel Gómez Padilla (leading historian and author on Kino''s life and work) proposing that in letters of gold the words "Eusebio Francisco Kino -  Founding Father and Teacher of Sonora" be enscribed in the legislative chambers of the Congress of Sonora.

Propuesta de Gabriel Gómez Padilla (experto, promotor y autor sobre la vida y obra de kino) de escribircon letras de oro en El Congreso de Sonora el nombre de Eusebio Francisco Kino Padre y Maestro De Sonora.

Minutes: 3:58

Misionero Padre Kino por el Desierto de Sonora, México
Conrado Quezada Escandon
Music only with images

Illustrated with pictures of the Pinacates and Sonoran Desert with fields of Spring wild flowers. The music is from "Yeha-Noha  (Wishes Of Happiness And Prosperity)..

Minutes: 4:17 

Padre Kino - La leggenda del "Padre a cavallo"
Angelo Fazio
In Italian 

Padre Kino - The Legend of the Padre on Horseback
Italian text panels accompanied by music.

A very well done video collage presenting Kino art and Kino video and film clips with text panels in Italian from writings of Kino experts. Images are beautifully synchronized with music from film and classical composers.

Minutes: 15:14


Cabalgatas Por los Caminos de Kino
In Spanish 

Documents the 24 Kino calbagatas taken by Por Los Caminos de Kino as they follow the trails of Padre Kino on horseback in Sonora, Sinoloa, Baja Californias (North and South), California and Arizona. Includes cabalgata route maps.

Minutes: 9;22

For more cabalgata information,
Click, Caminos de Kino 

Favores Celestiales
Sergio Raczko
Internationally Sponsored Documentary

Consejo Nacional Para La Cultural y Las Artes
Instiututo Nacional de Antropología e Historía
Fundacíon San Ignacio Loyola
Unversidad Iberoamerica - Ciudad de México
Organización de Estados Iberoamericas 

In Spanish 

First 9 minutes of 58 minute documentary. Subjects discussed include October piligrimage to Magdalena, Kino's early life in Europe (growing up in the province of Trent; Jesuit studies in Germany and Austria; 2 years in Southern Spain) and arrival to the New World. The documentary is name after one of Kino's books - Favores Celestiales.

Minutes: 9:32

Kino, El Legado En Nuestra Tierra
Kino, The Legacy of Our Land
Noticias 33
Televsion Documentary
In Spanish

Minutes 29.26


Kino En El Arte
Kino in Art
Giovanni Martinez Castillo
In Spanish
Two Videos 

Video documentary about depictions of Padre Kino in many art genres. It is a great video accompaniment to the book "Kino En el Arte" by Dr. Giovanni Martinez Castillo. Giovanni's book presents the rich art and the artists that protray Kino.The artists are from Mexico, United States, Italy, Germany and Australia.

The art includes the many statues of Kino (6 equestrian, 8 busts, 11 full body, 6 bas relief), 9 murals, 12 collections of paintings (including Tucson artist Ted DeGracia), portraits, movies, web videos music (symphony and folk songs), poems, stamps, medallions, performing artists and maps and documents - also comic books.

Part 1
Minutes: 8:25

Part 2
Minutes: 7:23

For List of Kino art
Click and scroll to botton of the page at 

Cabalgando con Kino
Comic ISC.mp4
Annimated Video
Giovanni Martinez Castillo
Music only with images

Video shows development of educational comic book, Cabalgando con Kino, from historical images and other sources
A fascinating video.

Minutes: 2:18

To view comic book online
Click Cabalgando con Kino


The Padre on Horseback

Misión a la Gloria - La Historia de Kino
Spanish version of the "The Padre on Horseback"

Director Ken Kennedy
In English and In Spanish
1977 Movie 

Three English Versions
with various titles & run times
Many other online postings

The movie tells the story of Padre Kino in commercial western movie genre with an all star cast and beautiful Sonoran Desert setting. 

Starring Richard Egan as Padre Kino
Other cast: Ricardo Montalban, Cesar Romero, Michael Ansara, John Ireland, Keenan Wynn, Aldo Ray, Rory Calhoun, Victor Jory, Joe Campanella and Stephen McNally.
Narrated by the Venerable Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen. 
For list of cast of characters, actors and other credts, click Kino Movie Cast & Credits

The story begins in Baja California where Kino first started his work as a missionary, explorer and royal cartographer. Then the video distills in the usual Hollywood style the 24 years of Kino's work in the Pimería Alta where Kino ministered to his beloved desert sharing O'odham (Pima) people. Kino brings peace to the violent frontier and helps restart the Jesuit missionary effort in the Baja California. 

Best Full Length Movie Version - English
The Padre on Horseback 

Run Time: 92 minutes


Best Full Length Movie Version - Spanish
Misión a la Gloria - La Historia de Kino 

Run Time: 92 minutes



Longest English Version
Run Time: 116 minutes




TV Edited Version
Beware: Poor Editing
Run Time: 56 minutes

Not Online


Various Titles
Mission to Glory: A True Story
Father Kino, Padre on Horseback
Father Kino Story 
Padre on Horseback, the Legendary Story of Padre Kino 
Misión a la Gloria - La Historia de Kino

Kino: La Leyenda del Padre Negro
Kino: The Legend of the Black Robe Priest (Jesuit)
1993 Movie
Director Felipe Cazals
Two Excerpts from the 1993 film
In Spanish 

1683  Perdidos en California
1683  The Lost in California

Reinando Carlos II, en 1683 una expedición española al mando de Isidro de Atondo y Antillón desembarcó en California, que se consideraba todavía una isla. Era la primeira expedición -malograda- del Padre Kino, jesuita, cartógrafo, geógrafo y astrónomo. Su postura favorable a la convivencia con los indígenas será una constante en la construcción de su leyenda y un motivo permanente de fricción con las autoridades del Virreinato de México.

Minutes 2:12

1685 California e a Tierra Prometida
1685 California and to the Promised Land 

Spanish King orders that settlement effort in Baja be abandoned. Kino advocates a return in Mexico City.

Minutes: 6:16

"El Missionero a Caballo"
Famous Kino Ballad

El Misionero a Caballo
The Padre on Horseback
by Rómulo Molina Romero

Four Reditions of this Beautiful Ballad

To Print
Spanish lyrics & English translation

Click Lyrics (text format)
Click Lyrics (pdf format)

Vocalist Celia Ruiz - Kino Festival May 2012

Great solo a cappella performance with Mariachi accompaniment
Minutes: 1:45

Trío Corral -  Museo de Santa Ana
Up tempo bolero ballad
Illustrated with the murals of artist José Cirollos Ríos in the Museo de Santa Ana, Santa Ana, Sonora
Giovanni Martínez Castillo

Minutes: 2.56

Trío Corral
Slower tempo bolero ballad 1966
Music begins at 6 seconds
Illustrated with pictures of Sonora, present and past.

Minutes: 3.38

Nato Márquez
Polka beat
Illustrated with Kino statutes set in natural settings.
by Giovanni Martínez Castillo and Conrado Quezada Escadon.
Instituto de Sonorense Cultura - Estado de Sonora 

Minutes: 3:25

Music and Song

Maisad Tholnig
The Creator Song
San Xavier Traditional Singers
Ivan Burrell and Antoinette Encinas
In O'odham

Performance of tradition O'odham song set in Mission San Xavier del Bac. Padre Kino ministered to and worked with the desert sharing O'odham people for his last 24 years.

Minutes: 7.09

Twelve Suns for Father Kino
Domingo DeGrazia
Classical Guitar 

Video of solo classical guitar performance by composer Domingo DeGrazia of his music of renewal written in honor of Father Kino. Filmed at The DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun..

Minutes: 3.09

Padre Kino's Ghost
By Tara Linda
Music only - no images 

Beautiful song from singer / songwriter Tara Linda whose lyrics provides insight into the ethnohistory of the O'odham people and the life of Padre Kino..

Minutes: 6;05

Himno al Padre Eusebio Francisco Kino
Hymn to Padre Eusebio Francisco Kino
By Rómulo Molina Romero
Hermanos Preciado
Spanish with Spanish subtitles

Composition written by Rómulo Romero Molina  on discovery of the remains of Father Kino in May 1966 in Magdalena de Kino, Sonora and sang and immediately after in the Church of Santa María Magdalena. May 21, 2016 will be the 50th anniversary of the discovery of Padre Kino's skeletal remains by an international team of scientist..

Composición realizada por el Sr. Rómulo Molina Romero, con motivo del descubrimiento de los restos mortales del Padre Kino, en el mes de Mayo de 1966, en Magdalena de Kino, Sonora. Interpretan: Hermanos Preciado. La grabacion fue realizada en el templo de Santa María Magdalena.

Minutes: 3.30

Himno de la Universidad Kino
Anthem of The Universidad Kino
Sung by Juan Pedro Sortillón 
In Spanish with Spanish subtitles
For lyrics, click Himno 

Beautiful anthem or school song about Padre Kino's heroism and how his life continues to inspire. Illustrated by Givoanni Martinez Castillo. 

Minutes: 3:40

Corrido de Padre Kino
By Juan Antorio Ruibal Corella
Illustration by Artist Nereo de la Peña
Same video as Mural at Kino Maseoleum below.

Minutes: 3.44


The Great Kino Murals
Los grandes murales de Kino

Kino Murals of Arizona and Sonora including murals at DeGrazia Gallery of the Sun.

Minutes: 24:01

Mural at Kino Maseoleum
Magdalena de Kino, Sonora
Artist Nereo de la Peña

Corrido de Padre Kino
By Juan Antorio Ruibal Corella

Minutes: 3.44

Mural Las Huellas de Kino
Caborca, Sonora
Artist Margarita Ramírez Celaya

Interview with the artist. There is a detailed explanation of the work posted on the YouTube notes in Spansh.

Minutes: 5:23

Murals Depicting Kino
Murales de Kino

2103 Video on Kino murals with emphasis on murals in Sonora.

Minutes: 20.0

Mural Cosmovisíon Kininia
Sections: La Poder de Fe; Favores Celestiales
Artist Miguel Ángel Grijalva
Magdalena de Kino, Sonora

Same video Cosmovisíon Kininia above.

Giovanni Martinez Castillo
Music of Ennio Morricone's "The Mission."

Minutes: 6:10

Mural Museo de Santa Ana
Artist José Cirollos Ríos
Museo de Santa Ana, Santa Ana, Sonora
With music of Trío Coral peforming "La Misionero a Caballo"
Same video above: Trío Corral -  Museo de Santa Ana 
Giovanni Martínez Castillo

Minutes: 2.56

300th Anniversary of Kino's Death - 2011

Kino 300 Años
Noticias 33
TV Report

Minutes: 19.53

Tricentenario de la Muerte de Eusebio Francisco Kino - 2011
300th Anniversary of the Death of Eusebio Francisco Kino
Highlights of the international celebrations in Sonora, Mexico including the candle light silent procession.through Magdalena de Kino.

Minutes: 6:57

Other Media Stories

La Fiesta de San Francisco Javier - Magdalena de Kino 
The Magdalena Pilgrimage and Fiesta
Sergio Raczko
In Spanish 

The Magdalena Pilgrimage and Fiesta began in 1711 when Padre Kino dedicated a chapel to his patron saint, the great Jesuit missionary Francis Xavier. During the dedication Mass, Kino collapsed and died a few hours later. For over 300 years, people have journeyed the Camino de Kino to Magdalena to honor the three great Franciscos of the Sonora Desert: St. Francis Xavier, St. Francis of Assisi and Eusebio Francisco Kino. The pilgrimage begins in later September and early October.

Minutes: 15:00


The Festival of Kino
University of Arizona
TV Report

Minutes: 5:13

The Kino Festival held at the pilgrimage site of Madalena de Kino keeps alive the traditions of Native Peoples. It is the second largest culture event in Sonora. The Kino Festival is celebrated throughout Sonora and Arizona in mid May and commemorates the discovery of Kino's skeletal remains in 1966..

In Viaggio Per Segno
Travels To Segno
In Italian

Minutes: 5:40

This video takes you on a tour of Kino's sublime Italian Alps and his birthplace of Segno. The video starts in the city of Trent that was named  by IEEE as an international "Smart City."  A quick highway drive through Alpine valleys and mountains takes you to Segno in the beautiful Val di Non - the sunniest valley of the southern Alps. It ends with a brief tour of the Kino Cultural Center with Alberto Chini, President of the Associazione Culturale Padre F. Chini. The highway follows the route of Kino's first trail that he took when he left home to attend high school in Trent. 

The Desert Speaks
University of Arizona
Television Series
2002 - 2010

By viewing the episodes of the natural history and travel televison series "The Desert Speaks,"  many of the landscapes and seascapes that Kino traveled can be seen. The Emmy awarded series distributed by American Public Television features many national parks and other protected area associated with Kino. The episodes are hosted by Dr. David Yetman.

For the national parks and protected areas with corresponding episodes of The Desert Speaks, click National Park and Protected Areas.

How Does the Catholic Church Declare Official Saints?

Minutes: 5:42

This great 5 minute video accurately and simply describes the different ways that the Catholic Church declares someone a saint: the formal 4 step process and the equivalent canonization declaration by the Pope. 

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