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Book Map Guide Instructions

References Book Chapters and Pages

Page numbers refer to a specific map that is described and downloaded (click underline)  below the page number reference and should be viewed when reading that page.General maps are usually at beginning of chapters and do not have page number references in line above.

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Book Map Guide

Table of Contents (page 7)

Cast of Characters (page 8)

General Orientation Maps

0.1 Area Present (political & geographic map of present Arizona, Baja California & Sonora)
0.1 General Area_Present

0.2 General Area Satellite" (view from space of above map - Pinacate volcanics east of Colorado River)
0.2 General Area_Satellite

Chapter 1 - California Mission (1685)

1.1 Mexico Travels 1680 - 1711 (general map of Kino's travels in Mexico)

1.2 Gulf Travels 1683-85 (not shown: Kino-Guzman 1685 exploration of Tiburon Island & Baja coast)
1.2_Gulf Travels_1683-85

1.3 Baja Orientation 1683 - 1685" (area map for detail map below)

Page 17
1.4 Across Baja Detail 1685 (shows detail of San Bruno area and Baja crossing route)

Page 17
1.5 Kino 'Descripcion Golfo' 1685
1.5_Descripcion Golfo_1685

Page 21
1.6 Kino 'Delineatio Nova' 1686
1.6 Kino Delineatio Nova 1686

Chapter 2 - Indians Shall Not Be Slaves! (1685)

Page 27
2.1 Europe 1645 - 78" (Places in Kino's in life until age 40 when he became a missionary)

Page 38
 2.2 Pimería General (general location map of the Pimería Alta)

Chapter 3 - Among the Pimas (1687)

3.1 Pimería Travels 1687 - 1711  (most complete map of Kino's travels in the Pimería Alta)

3.2 Pimería Missions (list missions, visitas, villages and significant geographic features)

Page 47
3.3 Tumacácori 1691 (first trip into present day Arizona)

Chapter 4 - The Young Lieutenant (1694)

Page 54
4.1 Gulf 1694 (second trip to Gulf of California; first with Manje)

Page 64
M 4.2 Boat 1694

Page 70
4.3 O'dham Land 1694

Chapter 5 The Blood of A Martyr (1694)

Page 72
5.1 San Pedro River to Gila River  1697

Chapter 6 - Vengeance! (1695) - No Maps

Chapter 7 - The Children Asked for Bread (1695)

Page 107
7.1 Kino Saeta's Death 1695

Chapter 8 - An Error in the Map (1698)

Page 116 - 121
Pinacate First from the Gila River across the O'Odham Desert 1698
Pinacate First Gila 1698

Page 122  - 123
8.2 Pinacate First Detail 1698
8.2_Pinacate_First Detail_1698

Page 122
8.3 Kino 'Teatro Trabajos' 1694 (map showing California may or may not be an island)
8.3_Kino Teatro_Trabajos_1696

Chapter 9 - The Devil's Highway (1699)

Page 127
9.1 Colorado River via Devil's Highway 1699

Page 131
9.1 Colorado River via Devil's Highway 1699

Chapter 10 -  Visit from Salvatierra(1701) (second visit, first Salvatierra visit at page 47)

Page 138
10.1 Pinacate Second 1701

Page 138
10.2 Pinacate Second Detail 1701

Page 140
10.3 Kino 'Passo Tierra' 1701 (shows land connection to California)

Chapter 11 -  Plan For New Spain (1705)

Page 156
11.1 Kino 'Nuevo Reyno' 1710" (found in Paris archives 4 years after book written)

Page 157
11.2 Pinacate Final 1706 (last trip 4 years before death at age 66)

Chapter 12 - General Manje Writes A Report (1705)
Page 163

12.1 Sonoran Silver Mines 1640 - 1736

Chapter 13 - The Chapel of St. Francis Xavier (1711) - None

Author's Note and Book Index

"El Camino de Padre Kino hacia el Pacifico"
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