Kino Travels in New World

Kino Travels in Sonora and Arizona
1687 - 1711

Left to Right Above Center: Baja California, Colorado River Delta and Head of Gulf California, Gran Desierto, Pinacate Volcano Fields, Camino del Diablo (Devil's Highway). Center to Top: Santa Cruz River flowing from United States - Mexico border to Gila River.

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Kino Travels in Baja and Gulf of California
1681 - 1685 

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Kino Voyage To Spain 1678
Munich to Cadiz

Kino Alpine Home
Segno, Val di Non
Autonomous Province of Trento, Italy

Kino's Birthplace is the town of Segno, Muncipality of Taio (commune di Taio) in the Autonomous Province of Trento, Italy. On the map Segno in not shown but is is located near the place name "Thun or Toa."
Using the map find Trento in the center.  From Trento travel north and before "S. Michel" turn left up the Val di Non (Nonsburg) through Rochetta Pass. "Thun or Toa" is on the right side of the valley.
Map from "The Valleys of Tirol:Their Traditions and Customs and How to Visit Them."
by R. H. Busk 1874.

Map Collection from "Rim of Christendom"
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"The Rim of Christendom: a Biography of Eusebio Francisco Kino, Pacific Coast Pioneer"
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Kino's Travels and Explorations in America, 1681-1711
Compiled by Herbert E. Bolton, 1936  (9 MB)
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Pima Land, 1687-1711
Compiled by Herbert E. Bolton, 1936  (13 MB)
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Kino's Teatro de los Trabajos Apostolicos
Eusebio Francisco Kino
Drawn in 1695-1696.from the original manuscript   (9 MB)
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