Padre Kino's

Prayer For Vocations

Father, Sovereign Creator of heaven and earth,
with Your infinite and divine love,

Grant that Your evangelical workers may come,
and that with Your celestial favors
and their apostolic toil,
all people may be brought
to the holy knowledge of You and
to Your divine love,
in order that they may praise You
and all Your saints in heaven
throughout eternity.

We thank You, Father,
Your Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit,
Most Holy Mary,
Your apostle Saint Francis Xavier
and all Your saints in heaven,
for all the celestial favors
we have received,
we are receiving.
and we hope to receive in the future.


Padre Kino's Prayer for Vocations is taken from excerpts from the Prologue by Eusebio Francisco Kino, S.J. to "Kino's Historical Memoirs" Volume 1 pages 101 and 102.  Translated by Herbert Bolton 1919.  Full text set out below.

Now, O Sovereign Creator of heaven and earth, who, with Thy infinite and most divine love, and with Thy most high celestial providence, ever surest, sweetest, and gentlest disposition, hast permitted or caused these human obstacles and contradictions, ludens in orbe terarum, (83) and with equally loving, pious, and fatherly affection hast protected and dost protect us with so many celestial favors, permit not in the future that there should be so great forgetfulness of Thy most divine and most holy name in these extensive unknown lands, Nunquid cognosentur in tenebris, mirabilia tua aut justisia tua in terra oblivionis? (Ps. 87). (84) Grant that Thy evangelical workers may come, and that, with Thy celestial favors and with their apostolic toil, all these tribes, especially the many neighboring ones of this North America, may be brought to holy knowledge of Thee and of Thy most divine love, in order that they may praise Thee with Thy chosen ones, the saints of the celestial court throughout all eternity, Vt cognoscamus in terra viam tuam, in omnibus gentibus salutare tuum, confiteantur tibi populi, Deus confiteantur tibi, populi omnis benedicatnos Deus Deus noster benedicatnos Deus et metuant (et diligant) te omnes finis terrce (Ps. 66). (85) And may these benedictions please my charitable reader, as is my wish. Amen.

Day of San Francisco Xavier, The Glorious Apostle of the Indies,
December 3, 1699
Nuestra Señora de los Dolores