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Padre on Horseback

Statue of The Padre on Horseback

This elegant bronze statue portrays Father Kino as he traveled on existing trails and explored new routes in Baja California and the Pimeria Alta.

This beautiful statue is 6.5 inches high and sits on the top of an one inch wooden base with a black plaque with silver border engraved with "Eusebio Francisco Kino" and "1645 - 1711"  -  Padre Kino's lifespan. 

Details include images of important events in Padre Kino's life: his simple crucifix,  his astrolabe for astronomical observations and map making, the gourd to store life sustaining water and the Pacific coast abalone shell that was significant in proving that there was a land route to California.  

The statue entitled "Padre on Horseback" is an exact model of the three 15 foot statutes created by Mexico City artist Julian Martinez. One statue stands beside Kino Parkway in Tucson, one was dedicated in Magdalena, Sonora (Padre Kino's burial site) and the third was dedicated in Padre Kino's hometown of Segno, Italy in 1991.

An 18 inch high replica of  the three statues was presented to Pope John Paul II on his historic visit to Arizona in 1987.

Price: $300

The purchase of the statue include a free copy of  Fr. Polzer's book "Kino - A Legacy".

To order your statue contact John Shaheen at the Diocese of Tucson, John's  email address is


Books For Sale


 Books are available at all Kino Heritage Society Events

"Padre Kino and the Trail to the Pacific"

Title:          "Padre Kino and the Trail to the Pacific"

Author:       Jack (Jacqueline) Steffan.

Publisher:   Kino Heritage Society, 2014, 143 pp. Fold out map (paperback)

ISBN:         978-1-61956-198-4

Price:         $ 14.95

Best book about Padre Kino. This book brings alive Padre Kino and his times in an engaging and historically accurate depiction of the key events in Padre Kino's last 30 years in the Sonoran Desert. Republished by the Kino Heritage Society, the revised edtion includes an index, bibliography with original line drawings a two page fold out map of the the Pimeria Alta in the back of the book. Book is also available to read on online for free on this website at Kino Book Online.

"Kino  A Legacy

His Life, His Works, His Missions, His  Monuments"

Title:          Kino   A Legacy: His Life, His Works, His Missions, His  Monuments

Author:       Charles W. Polzer, S.J.

Publisher:   Jesuit Fathers of Southern Arizona, 1998, 198 pp. Fold out map (paperback)

ISBN:          0-9661562-0-X

Price:         $ 15.00

This book has it all. It was written by the late Father Charles Polzer, S.J., the leading modern day Fr. Kino scholar. It has the most approachable biography of Father Kino along with histories of the Pimeria Alta before and after Fr. Kino's life. Includes descriptions, then and now, of the missions founded by Father Kino. The story of the discovery of Father Kino's grave reads like a detective novel. Descriptive pictures and maps highlight the book. Don't forget the two page fold out map of the Father Kino's and today's Pimeria Alta in the back of the book.


"The Far Side of the Sea
The Story of Kino and Manje
in the Pimería"


Title:        "The Far Side of the Sea – The Story of Kino and Manje in the Pimería

Author       Ben Clevenger

Publisher:  Jesuit Fathers of Southern Arizona, 2003, 356 pp. (paperback)

ISBN:        0-9661562-2-6

Price:        $ 20.00

A story of documentary fiction about the explorations of Padre Kino and his friend Lt Juan Mateo Manje and their different lives beyond the Rim of Christendom. The author succeeded in his goal of trying "to keep as faithful to the relevant facts as possible."  A very enjoyable way to understand Father Kino's life and times and to appreciate the natural beauty of the Pimeria Alta - Southern Arizona and Northern Sonora. A delightful read.

Congradulations to Ben for his New Book!

We look forward to the publishing of Ben's new book - the documentary fiction account of another of God's servants - Dr. Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Dr. Bonhoeffer was a German Luthern pastor, theologian and martyr who was imprisoned for resisting the Nazis and was executed several days before World War II ended. For the more information about Dr. Bonhoeffer click on Wikipedia

 "Juan Mateo Manje, Spanish cavalry officer, and Jorge Olvera, modern-day archeologist  -  two men separated by centuries but drawn alike to the life and works of Padre Eusebio Francisco Kino. In telling their stories, author Ben Clevenger offers the reader a new way of looking at the rich history of the Southwest and the indefatigable Jesuit missionary Padre Kino. Wish I'd thought of it."

  Dr. John Kessell, Emeritus Professor of History, University of New Mexico

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