About Us

Kino Heritage Society

"Honoring The Life and Legacy of Padre Eusebio Francisco Kino"


Mission Statement

To promote the legacy of Padre Eusebio Francisco Kino and support his cause of canonization.


In support of the cause for canonization, the Society will organize an annual memorial mass to commemorate the anniversary of Padre Kino's death.

To promote his legacy, the Society will sponsor educational presentations, workshops, lectures and publications on Padre Kino's contributions to the peoples of the Pimería Alta.

The Society will engage in civil activities that honor Padre Kino and that bring together diverse groups of people in the spirit of care and harmony.

The Society will engage in fundraising activiities in partnership with the Diocese of Tucson in support of these stated goals.

Executive Board

Rev. Gerald F. Kicanas
Bishop of the Diocese of Tucson
Honorary Chair

Rosie Garcia

Mark O’Hare
Secretary / Treasurer

Julieta Gonzalez

Patricia Benton
Media Relations 

John Shaheen
Diocesan Liaison 

Fred McAninch

Rev. Gregory P. Adolf
Diocesan Clergy Liaison 

Rev. Christopher Corbally
Jesuit Liaison

Contact Information

Rosie Garcia

Mark O'Hare

Kino Heritage Society
Post Office Box 31
Tucson, Arizona 85702

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